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Don Francisco Properties
(Zihuatanejo - Ixtapa - Mexico)

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Real Estate Listing For Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and Troncones-México

Lot in Buenavista
Lot in Buenavista

Excellent lot for sale located in Buenavista near by famous Mexican artist Jose Luis Cuevas home, only 20 minutes drive from Zihuatanejo and 35 minutes drive from the international airport.

  • 536 meters beachfront
  • 100 meters deeph (average)
  • 70 USD square meter
  • Total 78,000 square meters (7.8 hectares)

Lot in Troncones
Lot in Troncones
Lot in Troncones

Beachfront lot for sale in Troncones, located almost next to Casa Delfín Sonriente and Casa Luciernaga. Beachfront 18.5 meters, 53 meters deep, Total Square meters 962.

Lot in Troncones
Troncones beachfront
Lot In Troncones
18.5 x 53 meters
Lot in Troncones
Lot in Troncones
Lot in Troncones
Troncones beachfront
Lot In Troncones
18.5 x 53 meters






Venta de casa
Venta de casa
Venta de casa
Venta de casa
Venta de casa
Venta de casa
Terreno centro de Zihuatanejo


  • Lote 8 Manzana 1 SM-1 Col. Residencial Las Gatas
  • NO en 42.47 metros, colinda con lote 09
  • SE en 25.57 metros, colinda con Cerro del Vigia
  • SO en 33.17 metros, colinda con lote 07
  • NO en dos tramos de linea curva de 5.01 y 21.17 metros,      colinda con calle Esénica las gatas.
  • Novecientos cincuenta y ocho metros cuadrados ochenta y tres centimetros
  • Precios por metro $2,500.00 pesos


$    320  US DLL MT2 LOTES  ENTRE 470 MT2   Y   553 MT2

Misma altura del cerro del Vigia, mejor precio, mejor vista!!, Preciosos lotes residenciales! en la mejor zona del cerro de la ropa frente a Villas del Sol desde $320 US DLL * MT2. Todos los servicios area Residencial, a 5 minutos de la playa a pie.

Vista Grande
Vista Grande

Americans, Canadians and other foreigners (Non-Mexican), Can purchase real estate in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa or Troncones?
Yes you can purchase land, condos and villas through setting up a trust deed or corporation.

"You can buy as much land or as many condos and villas as you can afford."

Don Francisco Properties in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and Troncones will help Mexican and foreigners to purchase or sell land, condos and villas with ocean view, beachfront or short walking distance to the beach.

Don Francisco Properties will assist you to design a business plan for your real estate investment. All information provided is strictly confidential for security reasons of the buyer and seller.

Don Francisco properties will contact you directly with the land owner (He will show a copy of the deed) and the Notary Public who is the authorized person to do this transaction legal.

In Mexico we don’t use lawyers for real estate. We use the Notary Public who is a lawyer.

Through all these years I noticed that most of foreigners hire a lawyer to buy real estate instead of the notary. The result is: the foreigners pay double fees, one for the Notary Public and one for the lawyer, high appraisals and it takes long time to finalize your real estate transaction.

You only need to pay the Notary Public who will give you all the legal information and consultations to do your real estate business with efficiency and short time.

Difference of Notary Public in Mexico and in United States of America: The differences are big: The notary public in Zihuatanejo is authorized to do real estate transactions all over Mexico. The Notary Public is a lawyer publicly appointed by the state governor who specializes in contract, trust and corporation laws.The notary is appointed for life. Every legal document, such as deeds, wills, powers of attorney, constitution of corporations; trusts must be certified by the public notary.

If the document is not notarized (signatured and sealed) by a Mexican public notary if is not legal. The notary public in Mexico is the only one responsible for the transfer of real estate the public notary is lawyer who has an additional specialization in real estate, trust and corporation. Also passed an extensive exam in all this specialized areas.

In United States the public notary license you get it very easy. You don’t have to be a lawyer. The public notary in United States can act only as a witness to your signature on a document. If you want a document to be legal in Mexico you will need a notarial apostille from the state’s attorney’s office.

Don Francisco Properties recommend you if you are buying real estate and reach an agreement with the seller ask for copy of the deed and go to Notary Public first. The buyer chooses the Notary Public.

In Zihuatanejo and in Mexico you don’t need an attorney to do your real estate transactions, to set up corporations or trusts. The Notary Public will give you legal advice to both the buyer and the seller. The Notary Public is completely capable and legally authorized to carry out all your real estate transactions and their legalities.

Is very important before giving any type of money (down payment or signing a deal, to take a copy of the deed (escritura) to the Notary Public. There isn’t any excuse or under any circumstances from the seller not to show a deed (escritura). The Notary Public in Zihuatanejo will determine the validity and status of the deed. Before closing the deal or real estate transaction, you as the buyer has to ask for documentation to the seller and have them examined by the Notary Public to know the validity of the title. A search of the public records is done to determine further status of the title and the existence of liens or links against the property.

The Notary Public is responsible for the collection and payment of property taxes and government transfer taxes. If a seller owes capital gains, that is determined by the notary, when due.

Real Estate Recommendations

For Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa & Troncones "Don Francisco Properties Vacation Rentals and Real Estate" represented by Francisco Ibarra Rivera, and Douglas McCullough U.S. resident in Zihuatanejo and real estate investor. Due to our experience of many years in real estate in Zihuatanejo, we will help and assist locals and foreigners to do their real estate transactions quickly clear and directly with Notary Public.

  1. Have the Notary Public determine that the land is not ejido land (communal agricultural land). The right to use this type of land can be purchased, but always a risky deal, as it is not your property, you are only allowed to use it. In case you adquire Ejido land. We will help you with the transfer of the documents that will allow you the right to use it. You have to assist to “Asamblea de ejidatarios” meeting of all the ejido people and ask them to be accepted as new member.
  2. The escritura, or public deed, names the seller conveying and the buyer receiving the property, in addition to the legal description.
  3. The terms of the Bank trust (fideicomiso) agreement are incorporated info the escritura. The cost of the trust with the Scotia Bank is 25, 000 pesos including the first annual payment, annual payment cost from 460 USD to 500 USD the fees for the paperwork to set up the Bank Trust to your name is determined with the value of the property. This fee has to be paid to the Notary Public.
  4. Insist on making all real estate please transfers agreements before a Notary Public. Do not be pressured by someone who says that you need to put money down right away.
  5. Be sure to get an accurate estimate of closing costs and trust or corporation costs before you decide what your overall expenses are going to be in condo, villa, home or land purchase.
  6. Remind seller or buyer. In Mexico there is no compulsory licensing for real estate agent. Any real estate owner can be an agent or any person with real estate listings.
  7. If buying property from a developer, have the Notary Public check to see that he has his permits for the development and for the construction. A formal letter promising a deed, but merely a sales contract. Sales contract, to be legally binding, must be recorded before a notary public.
  8. Title insurance is available, through us-based title companies.
  9. At closing, the notary public meets with the buyer and seller to formalize the transfer by requiring all the appropriate signatures upon execution of the deed. Then the escritura is recorded with the public registry.
  10. The Notary Public will need from the seller: 1.- his deed; up-to-date, tax receipts, water bills electricity bills, telephone bills, subdivision fees, and any other fee, paid up to the date of sale.
  11. The capital gains tax, if any, is paid by the seller. The Notary Public will determine capital gains taxes.
  12. Real estate consultants: Francisco Ibarra Rivera and Douglas McCullough both of them are real estate investors (Buy and Sale)
  13. Francisco Ibarra Rivera will assist and advise in all your real estate needs in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa-Troncones and other areas with beachfront like Rancho, Saladita, Majahua, Buenavista, Pantla, Playa larga, playa blanca, la barrita.
  14. Martin Medina Reyes Notary #4 and attorney specialized in real estate transactions is available for any consultation by phone or e-mail free of charge.

Tel/Fax: 01 (755) 554 74 78.


Francisco Ibarra Rivera
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