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Zihuatanejo Information

Zihuatanejo, long before Columbus sailed off to discover the new world, Zihuatanejo was known as “Cihuatlan” which in Nahuatl means “place governed by women”, because its indigenous population liven under matriarchal rule.

Only ten minutes away from Ixtapa, life in Zihuatanejo remains focused around the town’s main beach with the city pier (where the fishermen arrive with their catch every morning), and its picturesque cobblestone streets. Visitors have the option to stay on one of the inviting little hotels in the center of town like hotel casa Celeste (only 5 suites) a modest apartment, or in one of the small luxury hotels nestled along its lovely beaches (Hotel Casa Don Francisco or Casa Cuitlateca, Villa Carolina, Quinta Troppo).

In the 1950’s a number of foreign and national celebrities began discovering Zihua and its picturesque bay. Typically staying in hillside haciendas and homes with stunning views to the bay. Of Zihuatanejo.

This way Zihuatanejo managed to preserve its laid-back way of life that appears, to this date, ruled entirely by the ocean’s tides and the gentle sea breeze that ripples the calm surface of its beautiful bay.

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